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Leadership Coaching

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Course overview

An ever growing number of public and private organisations around the world are using coaches as an integral approach to leading and developing staff. Coaching has proven to bring a faster positive impact and measurable results.

Our Leadership Coaching is a unique and intensive 2-day certified course with a curriculum designed specifically to help you acquire the necessary coaching skills to work with leaders, managers and team members within an organization. Unlike traditional leadership coaching programmes, our certified course features a high level of authentic leadership development, thus, participants are challenged to examine their personal leadership style and find ways of incorporating coaching into their day-to-day responsibilities.

During the Leadership Coaching course participants learn the core models and techniques of great coaching. They will be encouraged to discover the changes that they need to make in the way they think, feel, behave and act, in order to both coach effectively and to sustain the development and learning of themselves and those they manage.

The course also provides learners with the vital interpersonal and communication skills necessary for creating and sustaining an effective and developmental coaching relationship.

Each participant will receive a certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management (UK) on completion of the course.

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  • Gain recognition from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), Europe's foremost professional body in the field of leadership and management
  • Free ILM student membership for six months, which gives access to 1000s of e-learning resources, development tools, books, magazines and the latest leadership and management news
  • Tailored Leadership Assessment
  • Networking & official closing event. Network with other future leaders – build your profile


  • Self-awareness and personal empowerment
  • Develop core coach competencies
  • Build a definite bank of tools and strategies designed for executive coach
  • Gain experience and practise different models for coaching
  • Learn a wide range of methodologies that will give you the skills you need for different coaching situations and requirements.
  • The Leadership Coaching has no entry requirements and no prior coaching experience is necessary. We welcome applications from anyone with an interest in executive coaching and who are ready and committed to their personal development as well as to help others find the self-encouragement and self-motivation.
  • To Build self-confidence and competence in coaching
  • To learn how to deal with change management, team conflict, departmental goal setting, individual goal setting, work-life balance and individual career development among others.
  • Learn to self-reflect and assess coaching capabilities to identify areas for personal development in coaching, and plan for new learning.


  • Corporate and Executive Coaching
  • GROW


  • Coaching during Change
  • Planning and goal setting
  • The role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in modern leadership


  • Effective Team Coaching
  • Active Listening, powerful questioning


  • Talent Management in the Corporate Environment


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