Empowering leaders with the most relevant management skills in the areas of leadership, management, marketing and strategy

  • Transfer of learning to the workplace
  • Adds credibility to your organisation
  • Build a creative, innovative and performance-oriented corporate culture
  • Relevant and flexible programme
  • Demonstrate commitment of employees to clients
  • Better performance and productivity of managers
  • Empowers employee to strive for leadership
  • Adds value to employee by having an international qualification


Most companies don't just need training providers, they need good listeners. At Bmita, we listen first. We learn about your business, goals, processes and your people. Your assigned team at Bmita will know fully you organisation before engaging your company in the most effective learning experience.


Each programme we design is different. It is unique to your organisation and your particular challenges, it is carefully crafted by your supporting team to help you to achieve your definite goal and is designed to transform the thinking and behaviour of your employees to accelerate and drive effective change.


The way we deliver the course is normally by modules, starting with a strong foundation by focusing on the participants' emotions and personal development. Then we work in the understanding of the knowledge and finish with a practical application or implementation of the new acquired knowledge.