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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Course overview

The ELP is a unique and intensive 2-day programme with a curriculum designed specifically for entrepreneurs who seek to create new opportunities in the form of a start-up, launch new venture or grow successful new businesses.

Fact sheet

Led by: Carlos Gomez MCIM

Dates: Friday 29TH and Saturday 30TH of May 2015
Time: 9am until 4pm

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Bookings received before the 16th April 2015 will be entitled to a 40% discount, so you will pay only USD$297 instead of USD$495.

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You will learn how to develop (1) an entrepreneurial way of thinking that will help you to successfully start your own business (2) a set of entrepreneurial and business skills and (3) will give you a set of tools that are key for success. This is what we consider to be the DNA of the entrepreneurs of the 21st century. This course is the complete blueprint for anyone who wants to develop their potential while making a difference to the live of others; it is a road map for those who want to achieve freedom, financial independence and live a fulfilling life. It inspires you to start your business NOW!

Other benefits include:

  • An ILM certificate
    This internationally recognised qualification from ILM will enhance your CV, prove your expertise and give you the stand-out you deserve.
  • 6 months ILM membership
    Through the ILM membership you will have access to a wealth of materials and exercises which you can take advantage of at your own pace and convenience. In addition to having a connection with a high and diverse professional worldwide network.

Build more productive and inspiring relationships by accessing high and diverse networking.

Transcend geographic borders by gaining an international recognition from the institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), Europe’s foremost professional body in the field of leadership and management.

Embrace new opportunities of growing knowledge by having FREE ILM student membership for six months, which gives access to 1000s of e-learning resources, development tools, books, magazines and the latest leadership and management news.

Gain a remarkable and invigorating experience.

  • The ELP is designed for high potential entrepreneurs who are ready and committed to launch new business ideas. Delegates are typically professionals with some or significant work experience that they can draw upon in order to create new opportunities.

The goal of The ELP is to motivate the entrepreneurial instinct and provide participating entrepreneurs with specialised knowledge, organised planning and skills to increase self-confidence, develop a strong believe and receive the needed stimulus to make a start. Specific Objectives:
  • Turn an idea into a focused strategy and well-defined business initiative
  • Discover how to attract top talent and vital resources required to turn a vision into reality
  • To teach essential managerial skills and understandings to run the project efficiently and effectively
  • To develop a passion for Authenticity, integrity, honesty and industrial discipline

The program features a carefully designed blend of talks, group work, and action learning. Key topic areas include:

Module 1. GET READY

  • How to develop your full potential, by discovering who you really are, who you want to become and how you can maximize your strengths.
  • How to shift your mindset, by beating self-sabotage, building self-confidence and emotional intelligence.
  • How to immunize yourself from failure
  • Your definite Purpose in life. Find your why, create passion for it and keep focused on achieving it


  • How to create business opportunities or transform an idea into a successful business
  • How to develop a compelling offer that people want to buy
  • How to develop an organised plan that immediately lead to ACTION


  • How to find the right partners and advisors
  • How to inspire and build an effective team


  • How to beat procrastination and start now, not later
  • How to launch your own business
  • Essential Marketing for new businesses and start ups
  • Customer understanding and customer acquisition


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