CARLOS GOMEZ MCIM Co-funder and Director Bmita Group

Prominent marketing specialist with over 14 years of experience in international leadership, senior positions in diverse sectors and now co-founder and director of Bmita Group.

A trusted advisor and marketing consultant to small businesses who began working independently as an executive development coach for startup owners and as a result became passionate about leading and influencing people. Carlos believes in continuous professional and personal development and is constantly seeking for new approaches in leadership other than the traditional skill-building means.

Alongside the industry experience, he has been acting as a leadership and strategic marketing lecturer at MBA level and participated in numerous conferences and talks in Nigeria, Kenya, Latin America and the UK since 2002. Through his experience as an executive speaker he established direct contacts and engaged in individual conversations with participants which made him aware of the demand for genuine leadership in Africa. Since then supporting the development of a whole new generation of authentic leaders in the continent has been his drive and definite purpose.

Having combined his professional and academic experience has led Carlos to acquire a comprehensive understanding of leadership management and to develop the skills and mindset needed to create an authentic and effective leadership approach.


Leadership for Success - Entrepreneurial Success - Motivation - Personal and Career Development